Hello everyone!  My name is Jolie and my husband’s name is Tom.  Hence the name of this blog!  Allow me to give you a bit of an introduction to us.  We actually couldn’t come from more different backgrounds if we tried.  Tom was born and raised in a very urban environment, just outside of New York City.  His childhood memories revolve around street games with the large amounts of kids that were just in his neighbourhood alone.  Houses were very close together.  People parked their cars on the street.  People had “stoops.”  His memories of nature either involve boy scout outings or day trips to nearby farms.  Otherwise, nature, to him was just a tree sticking out of a sidewalk.  His parents took him and his siblings on many wonderful day trips and these helped shape the person that Tom would become.

I, on the other hand was born and raised in an idyllic, semi-rural setting in Canada.  Houses were very far apart; yards were large and woodsy; one was always surrounded by thick, lush greenery.  Of course, I didn’t really appreciate any of this until I left!  Isn’t that always the way!  My family didn’t take a lot of day trips, seeing as my hometown was quite isolated from any other nearby place.  However, we took a lot of road trips, usually to Minnesota or Wisconsin.

I always say about our road trips, we didn’t have a lot of money, but we sure had a lot of fun!  About a week before any trip, my dad would set up our little pop up trailer in the backyard and my sister and I would help load up the trailer with our clothing, food, toys, books, etc.  My dad would then fold down the trailer and we would be given the dubious task of directing my dad to the trailer hitch.  He’d be driving the car in reverse and we’d have to wave him to either the right or the left, depending how how close he was to the hitch.  To be honest, nobody wanted this task!  🙂  I’ll talk about my past road trips in greater detail in the future, but I’ll never forget that wonderful swoop of excitement leading up to the trip and then how wonderful it was to change your scenery.

Tom and I are inspired by a lot of sources, but these memories of day trips and road trips are strong, happy memories for the both of us.  They are the main inspiration for this blog and for our desire to recreate this sense of wonder and excitement.  I hope that you enjoy our entries as much as we will!  Drop us a line at any time, we love to meet new people!