This is just a quick entry, I promise! Tom and I were staying overnight just outside of Boston about two weeks ago. The purpose of the trip was to visit with friends, so obviously we did not get much of a chance to explore. However, I was able to figure out that we would be stopping in the vicinity of some places along the way and thought why not try something new?

Willington, Connecticut seemed like it was in a pretty rural part of the state. There was not much around, other than thick trees. It was very pretty, just sort of isolated. It’s sort of in the Northeast corner of the state, on a map it makes a triangle with Hartford, CT and Springfield, Massachusetts.

On a side note: I only recently learned that the New Haven, CT area is famous for their pizza. Perhaps this is common knowledge? I really don’t know, but yes, they apparently have quite the array of pizzerias in that area and based on reviews, they look amazing! I have several cousins that live in New Haven and I would love to get in touch with them one day. They know my dad much better than they know me, so I want to wait until my dad is in town to meet them, otherwise, I would feel slightly awkward. Perhaps in the near future this can happen!

The day we pulled up to Willington Pizza, it was overcast and we were quite hungry, because it was about two o’clock and we hadn’t eaten for hours.








Despite the somewhat remote location, the place was quite action-packed! Apparently during actual lunch/dinner hours, it’s quite difficult to get seated, but luckily we were seated immediately.















The server was very very friendly, which was much appreciated. Tom and I decided to split a large Caesar salad and a small red potato pizza. Neither of us usually orders Caesar salad, but for some reason, it seemed like a good idea on this day. It was really good! The dressing tasted homemade and the garlic flavour was nice and not overpowering. Here it is! It was difficult to get a good picture because it was dark in there.








The pizza was also fabulous. The crust was not too thick, but not thin either. It was crisp on the outside and soft and breadlike on the inside. We usually prefer thinner crust on pizza, but this one was very tasty. It had a sour cream base and was topped with sliced red potatoes, scallions, cheddar cheese, bacon bits and broccoli. Yum!







This pizza is very similar to a pizza I used to eat in Thunder Bay. It was called the “Pierogie Pizza.” This pizza left the most wonderful taste in your mouth. I would wholeheartedly recommend this place. We were very full after this lunch. We also ordered a beer and a Diet Coke and the bill came to about $18! Cool! 🙂

We enjoyed the rest of the weekend visiting with friends. Tom hadn’t seen a few of his old friends in ages, so it was great for him to reconnect! On our way home, we took a detour to one of our favourite places, Northampton, MA. For those of you who have not been here, it’s this really funky college town that is full of really neat shops and has a really nice atmosphere.

Tom broke his flip flop while we were there:








So I had to make a long journey to our car, and all the while alongside this slow moving, traffic clogging, loud, intrusive religious parade. How’s that for love? 🙂 Here I am with his very large sandals, lol:










We ate at Zen, one of our favourite restaurants:

General Tso’s chicken and brown rice:








And some fishy dish, lol:








We split this adorable brownie bite and brought home a pile of leftovers! Yum!







A good time was had by all!!!  OK, so this wasn’t a short post after all!  I am longwinded and type 95 words a minute, so this is short for me I suppose!  🙂  We also have to learn how to change this unattractive way in which our text is wrapping.  We’re still learning!  🙂

However, stay tuned for our Snooki-free post on our visit to the Jersey Shore!