This is just a short post. We are, in a few hours, going to be heading out on a road trip to the Midwest, with stops in Pennsylvania, particularly Pittsburgh, Cleveland (with a stop at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) and finally Madison, Wisconsin. We hope to have a lot of different adventures along the way, as well as to be posting here from the road. So, be sure to check in with us often. And again, we’d love to hear back on what people think about our little blog.

In the meantime, before I start packing, I have been reflecting on a stop I made, yesterday, at Lake Wappinger, on the way from running a few errands that getting in touch with nature as often as one can is a very worthwhile thing to do. Even for the most citified of urban dwellers, taking a walk through a park and looking at some grass, trees, flowers and shrubs can be a restorative activity. So that got me thinking that everyone deserves to have some access to a bit of nature, be it a park, or walking path, or a path to the beach or some open space that a whole community can share in. And nearly all of us can find nature not far from our doorstep. So, with this in mind, I just want to share a few images of nature, in all of its glory, not far from home.

Here’s wishing everyone some memorable adventures and as much opportunity to connect with nature is you can have!