Hey everyone!

Tom here. Just reporting on some happy news. I have a new camera! Jolie purchased for me, as a combined, very special, Christmas and Birthday gift, a new Canon EOS Rebel t3 digital camera.


It is a great gift, and I have been really enjoying it. So, more and hopefully improved photos to come. In the meantime, I offer you this.

These images show, initially, our trip into Manhattan in late January to purchase the camera. We drove to the Bronx on a late Sunday morning, parked in my work parking lot, and then grabbed the D Train to midtown Manhattan to make the purchase at B&H, a massive camera and technology superstore  near the Empire State Building and Madison Square Garden on 33rd St., that was packed with shoppers. Knowing I wanted the Canon Rebel, we were in and out of the store pretty quickly. We did some nice walking around, had some really good pastries from an artisan bakery, and a fantastic lunch at a little place near Union Square called Bite, and then eventually back to the Bronx to drive home. We also passed by the Guitar Center on 14th Street, which had a cool Ramones/Marky Ramone window display. Then at home, we excitedly took the camera out of the box and put it together; that’s me sitting on the floor of our upstairs rec room lovingly holding the Rebel. The rest of these photos are taken by me of a walk around Beacon this past weekend and some walks along some local trails, just to get used to using the new camera. I’m still very much learning all of the various settings and features that it offers. Anyway, I hope you’ll all agree that this camera takes some pretty nice images 🙂  Many more to follow!