Hello everybody! Just a quick diary about a fun, quick visit to Saugerties and New Paltz, two towns in nearby Ulster County, NY.

This being Saturday and us both being home and needing to run a few errands, we decided to incorporate a fun part of the day and head north to Saugerties for some lunch, and then later, to New Paltz for a bit of tasty dessert (in the form of an elegant cupcake). We’d been to New Paltz several times in the past, but never to Saugerties so we also wanted to spend a bit of time walking around Main Street. I’m glad that we did. Anyway, here are some photos of our arrival and our terrific lunch of cheeseburgers at the Dutch Ale House.

Basically, like nearby Woodstock, Saugerties is a nicely artsy, rather left-of-center colonial town, dating back to the 1670s, which remains very much alive in the present day. It may wear its late 1960s heart a bit less on its sleeve than they do in Woodstock (in which 60s nostalgia, and various tie-died merchandise are readily for sale, amongst all the fine art in the various galleries). Then again, nearby West Saugerties is the location of where the Band recorded the classic LP Music from Big Pink (and the pink house, where they all had lived, is still standing).

We were hungry upon arriving so we went straight to the pub for a lunch of some really fantastic cheeseburgers (and for me, a pint of Green Flash West Coast IPA, which was full of sharp hop notes and just wonderful to sip). The Pub was homey and relaxing and we were struck by the collection of Dutch wooden shoes on the wall. There seemed to be a bunch of regulars there. We sat in a booth in the barroom and  just really enjoyed ourselves.

Afterward, we did a bit more strolling, including down to the Esopus Creek and near the Esopus Bend Nature Preserve. We checked out the grounds to a mill-turned-hotel complex, Diamond Mills Hotel and Tavern, as well as Krause’s Chocolates, and Our (Old Used Rare) Bookshop. All were impressive, and the bookstore reminded me of bookstores I knew in Boston and Madison, back in my grad school days.

view of Esopus Falls


Krause's Home Made Candy

Inside Krause's

a sample shelf

And a few more shots taken while walking around

Jolie in a funky yellow seat on the street

Jolie in a funky yellow seat on the street

Rock Star Rodeo

Loerzel Brewery Site, circa 1873

Finally, it was starting to get to be time to leave, so we proceeded to make our way back to the car.

About to leave Saugerties

As as we were heading out, the Catskills were visible in the distance.

And after a quick pit stop and a quick caffeine fix

we headed south, on the NY State Thruway, accompanied by a little bit of Chuck Berry

to our final destination – New Paltz, NY and Moxie Cupcakes, for a delicious pair of chocolate caramel cupcakes. All in all, a nice way of spending a mid February Saturday afternoon while not venturing too far from home.

Note the presence of the Buddha, a fairly constant sight in the rather zen filled Ulster county