A quick blog entry, but we were so enthusiastic to have found this place, that we wanted to give them a positive mention. Out running errands last weekend, we decided to check out a place we had just read about in a local publication. It was a good call. The place: The Wildfire Grill, in nearby Montgomery, NY. (Here is their Facebook page.)

The Wildfire Grill

The Wildfire Grill

We enter, and realize that there is a party going on in a side room and the place is pretty busy. We agree to be seated at the bar, which actually allowed us the fun of watching the kitchen through a bar window.

wildfire bar window

We order our drinks – a soft drink for Jolie and a Long Trail Hibernator (Scottish Ale) for me, and enjoy the cozy ambiance of the place. The bartender was friendly and explained the beers well. The place also seemed to have a very extensive set of wine to order, but it felt like a pub, albeit an upscale one, and so a beer was in order.

Tom in Wildfire

Jolie at lunch

After a short wait, our food begins to arrive. First, our appetizers of bread and some creamy butter, as well as an order of cheddar bacon potato skins. They were perfection. In fact, the entire meal was. This was all relatively simple pub food, but it was pub food done right. Every bite was deeply flavorful. And this restaurant also seemed to be very oriented toward locally grown ingredients.

potato skins

Lunch: for Jolie, an order of four cheese (cheddar, mozzarella, Parmesan, and feta cheese) pizza. We both love pizza and this one was excellent. The photos (which I took very quickly, and in low light) do not do this place justice.

Wildfire Grill pizza

And my lunch? I thought back to the pleasure of the lunch I had at Les Halles Downtown and went with a special menu item: an order of mussels sauteed in a wonderful Thai style, coconut/lemony broth.  Oh, man, it was good. Even Jolie, who doesn’t like seafood, tried a bit of the broth and agreed that it had an amazing flavor.


We saved just enough room to split a dessert – a pecan/walnut apple crisp, topped with some vanilla ice cream.

apple crisp

A great lunch!  So, if you are ever in the area of Montgomery, NY and are wanting a nice meal of either pub food or perhaps something a bit more upscale, this is your place. We’ll be back.